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Rage Against the War Machine Rally

  • Published in War

www.GaltReport.com | Rage Against the War Machine rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.  Speaker list below:

The rally speeches are broken down here:

0:33 Dan McKnight
7:57 Diane Sare
15:00 Tara Reade
18:35 Jackson Hinkle
25:45 Dr. Jill Stein
35:09 Gerald Celente
43:56 Dan Cohen
1:39:39 Scott Horton
1:49:11 Ann Wright
1:53:02 Craig Pasta Jardula
2:01:10 Wyatt Reed
2:07:49 David Swanson
2:15:52 José Vega -- [go to 2:13:49 to hear the introduction to this presentation]
2:19:22 Anya Parampil
2:27:50 Daniel McAdams
2:31:50 Dennis Kucinich
2:47:27 Tulsi Gabbard
2:57:16 Dr. Ron Paul