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Real Preppers Are Not What Most People Think

  • Published in Preparedness

As most of my readers know by now, I am a prepper. I havebeen a prepper since the early 1980’s. But I see a lot of people seem to thinkthat preppers are a bunch of nuts that are waiting for the end of the world.That we want to be able to take on any forces that come against us out of pureparanoia.

That may be true as I have seen from many sites that teachsurvivalism or dooms day prepping. They always seem to tell everyone thatlistens to them that they need to live or have access to lands in very remoteareas  of the country. They even promotebuilding extreme underground bunkers. As well as selling every conceivable itemthat one could own in order to survive any purported crisis imaginable.

Some are telling you that you need this or that type ofweapon and tons of ammo so that you can take on an army. Let’s get real folks,Do you really think that you are going to be able to stand against an army? Doyou really think that you would be able to take on a missile or drone? Whatabout aerial surveillance?  A satellitecan read a pack of cigarettes from 200 miles in space, what makes you thinkthey can’t see you if they wanted to track you? Are you going to liveunderground so they can’t see your heat signature? These are realities.

The real reason that I teach prepping is for self relianceand, to help others in the event of a natural or manmade catastrophe. If youhave noticed, I have never opened a website or posted articles with anythingthat I sell. I do this only because I have been there and done that in as faras having fear of not being able to survive this or that situation from lack ofpreparedness. It is as simple as that.

As anyone that has lived through the cold war era, I knewthat the real facts are that I can’t stop a nuclear attack anymore than I cantell the sun to come up. If the nation was to go into some major crisis, otherthan a nuclear war or biological event, I wanted to be able to grow my ownfoods and be able to survive because I have made useful use of my talents andtreasures to invest in the things that I think are important to me that mayhelp me to live more comfortable in case such a situation arises.

I will say this bluntly to all of you that are so filledwith fear and anger about the things that we see around us everyday. If youthink that you are going to “bug out” and live off the land, why don’t you goout and spend a month during the winter in the mountains or desert, and let meknow how that works out for you. 

I can say this with complete certainty. Most of you would bedead before the month is over or, you would be heading back home to the safetyand warmth of civilization. The realization of this point is that it hopefullywill save you from killing yourself or others by trying to do something thatyou have not lived through and that you are not really prepared for.

Think about this for a moment. If you and every other guythought that they could live out in the wilderness off the land, more people wouldalready be doing it. Living off the land is hard at best. Even the animals thatlive in the wilderness move to lower grazing when winter sets in. The mainreason is that it would be impossible for them to survive without going tolower ground to get what they need to survive.

What makes you think that because you are smarter than thosestupid animals that you are better able to live off the land? At least theanimals that are smart, know where to go and what they can live off during thedifferent seasons. That is why geese fly south in the winter. Because theywould freeze to death in the cold if they didn’t, let alone find food.

And if you think that good clothing is going to make youbetter off than the animals, Try going out as I said, with all your fancyclothes, but don’t bring any food or water to test out your theories. That’swhy bears go into hibernation during the winter. They cannot get enough food tosustain themselves.

Ok, what’s my point here? It is just to say that you shouldnot think that you are the best survivalist unless you have personally done itand survived already. If you have done that already and survived, you know thatwhat I am saying is completely true. The dead never get to tell their storiesusually unless they kept a diary. Besides that, even the so-called survivalistscome back to civilization to get the provisions or protections they need. Survivalistis just that. It is a temporary measure. For most people, it is not a way oflife.

Another point that needs to be mentioned that is just asimportant is your physical health. Just as the weakest of the animal kingdom donot survive in the wild long, you would be in the same situation too. Becausethe real facts are that in the wild, you are the weakest animal out there ifyou don’t have a lot of provisions, or are not fully trained in the ability tolive off the natural surrounding that you may have to go, and a proper shelterstocked with all the things that you need to go through the seasons.

I have never tried to teach people that they are invincibleif they have this or that item. What I have tried to do is tell people how theycan make it through a crisis situation that may last a few months if they areproperly trained and prepared.  Even withthat said, there are no guarantees because you are not me.

You may or may not survive a crisis depending on how youhave prepared for it. It all depends on your preparations, your physicalfitness, your actual abilities, and most importantly, your determination tosurvive.

Recently I did an interview on preparedness, and theinterviewer made a good point that stuck with me. He said this; if you thinkthat you are so ready for a survival situation, just go out and turn off allyour utilities for a week, and see how that works out before you get into thereal situation. Make sure that you have to find water and food too. Nocheating!

The great thing about doing this is that at least you canturn on your utilities and go back online.

Please don’t think that I am all negative about therealities of living in the wild. I love the idea of being able to survive offthe land. But I am a realist. I am a prepper. That means that I want to be ableto better live through what would definitely be a deadly situation had I notprepped at all. It’s as simple as that.

There are lots of people that will say that I am full of it.They will say I don’t really know what I am talking about. They will say theyhave what it takes and, have learned how to survive in the wilderness under allconditions. To those people I say this. I am glad for you. But the majority ofpeople have no clue. So that makes you rare. I have a question for you though. Areyou teaching others the truth? Or are you going to use those skills to make abuck off some chump that has no clue as to what it takes to survive? If you aredoing that, you are in my opinion a person that is only a parasite in thisworld. You live off of the fear that you promote in people and, you areresponsible for giving people false hope that may kill them in my opinion.

If you want more information regarding prepping andsurvival, you can go here and see my article on preparednesshere. I have put in lots of links that you can use that may help you. Ihope that for your sake, that you now understand what a prepper really is, andwhy we prep.