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A Fourth Of July Message

The Fourth of July

An open letter to all Americans

Since it is the fourth of July weekend I thought I would share some of my personal thoughts with you and all my Patriot friends to show what I see is happening here in America and in the world right now.

I hope that this will fire your spirit of liberation and help the cause to strengthen our resolve to continue the good fight to peacefully if at all possible, win hearts and minds to protect our freedoms as written into the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights and to protect them with all of your might, strength, wealth, time, and treasures. Being willing to do what is required to do to preserve these rights, they are not privileges, for all Americans. Even those you may not agree with. 

I am not the first to say that it’s is our duty for our generation to preserve, protect, and defend it, for if we don’t, we are no better then the enemies of it. After all, our Constitution is more than just a piece of paper to me and others that realize the sacrifices that have been made to protect it all these years since the founding of this nation. 

The Constitution was and has been written in the blood of all those that have acted in order to keep it alive and given their lives, liberty, and happiness so that “We the People”, could have ours. 

America has seen many millions of men and women sacrifice their lives for what we like to call, truth, justice, and the American way. 

It is not just a catch phrase to me; it is my way of life. I cannot watch the freedoms that most of us have not even fought for, be eroded to the point where America is no longer the America I grew up in, or thought I was growing up in. 

Even with all its flaws exposed to the light of day, America is still the greatest nation on this earth. But it is not because we embrace money, power, armies, or glory. It is by humility and tenderness that it has become great. Our men and women have been willing to help other men women from all over the world that most of us do not even know for only one reason, because it is the right thing to do. 

Our nation has been recognized by reaching out to others less fortunate than ourselves, and helping them to see why we are so willing to die to protect this piece of paper called The Constitution.

We have the envy and the hatred of the world and its leaders because of one thing, The Constitution and Bill of Rights. No other country in the world has experienced what America has experienced in the way that we have. More and more countries see what we have had and the people of those countries are willing to fight and die just like our founders did so they can have what most of Americans take for granted.

Here are some observations that I have made that are indicators to me that Americans have fallen short in recent years. Make no mistake, I wrote that purposefully. Americans have fallen short.

People of the world no longer have come here to assimilate into our society and contribute to it, but to change it into what they think it should be according to their cultural upbringing regardless of our people’s national interests and our Constitution. 

It used to be that when someone came to America, they needed to learn the language as spoken here. And follow our laws. They used to know that in order to make it here, they had to work hard to achieve whatever they wanted to achieve just like all immigrants and Americans have had to do in the past. After all, we are all immigrants really except for the American Indians. Immigrants and Americans were hard working contributors to our country. They did not have welfare, food stamps, low interest business loans, subsidized housing, medical care, special treatments, and school tuition paid for without any real obligations to our society as a whole. 

It used to be a nation where our scientists, teachers, philosophers, businesses, politicians, and freedom of religions and beliefs were protected by that sacred text on that living document called the Constitution. Where one person had the right to disagree with another without having the threat of prison or worse thrown upon themselves or their families. America was a country where the small guy was also represented with so-called equal footing to the big guy in matters of fairness and equal rights for all. But we have made our mistakes along the way too. For that matter, we have made many mistakes. But we have responded by trying to correct them rather than taking advantage of them only because of people that were willing to take a stand against wrong. And they were willing to do that even under threat of death or personal dangers or ruination of their careers or livelihood.

It used to be a nation where if you were from any other nation, you would appreciate that any product that was made in America was the best that was made on earth with few exceptions.

It used to be a nation that was an industrial powerhouse that fueled manufacturing design around the world to copy what we had achieved.

It used to be a nation that produced more that it consumed or at least, provided things that the whole world could utilize for the benefit of all persons.

It used to be a nation that produced more food per acre than any other nation for the benefit of all nations.

It used to be a nation that if one person worked hard enough, and honestly, they could achieve independence from debt.

It used to be a nation that was a lender nation, not a debtor nation.

It used to be a nation that worked hard for the right reasons. 

It used to be a nation that did not rely on handouts from anybody. And if it needed assistance by anyone, it honored it obligations.

It used to be a nation that was self supporting and did not get into huge debt with foreign investors that didn’t care about our self-governance or our laws.

It used to be a nation where our lawmakers looked to the best interest of our nation for the most part and not always for special interest or personal gain.

It used to be a country where the laws were as just as they could be even with their inherent flaws, and the people that read and judged by these same laws did not waver in the interpretation of these laws to meet some way of circumventing or undermining them.

It used to be a nation that was looked up to, not down at.

It used to be a nation of honor, not dishonesty.

It used to be a nation that when you owned a firearm it was a symbol of freedom, not a symbol of gangs and lawlessness. Where people could defend themselves and there was no question if you had too.

It used to be a nation where you were innocent until proven beyond any reasonable doubt that you were guilty.

It used to be a country that you could own land and do what you pleased with it, and had freedom to protect it with force if necessary.

It used to be a nation where you were able to have a right against any infringements by anyone that disagreed with you, as long as you did not infringe upon their rights not to agree with you.

It used to be a nation of strong leadership that knew that they served the people, not the other way around. 

Where is my America? My heart cries for her people to return to her roots. 

Where is my America that used to hold righteousness and justice in one hand, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the other hand?

It is not lost my friend. All of America’s greatness lives in a patriot’s heart. It just needs to be taken out and shown to the world with no apologies and no excuses. The question I pose to all Americans is this. What are you? Are you a patriot?

Because as many have said before me that were much greater men than I, if you don’t apply the law in the right measure, what use is that law. If you aren’t a man of honor and integrity, then you are of no value at all to America. 

If you don’t cherish your freedoms and are willing to die for them, then you deserve all that comes with the opposite of them. 

These things are slavery, debt to strangers in your own land, and uncertain and unjust laws, imposed upon you and anyone that disagrees with those that challenge unjust law. And last, and probably the most important of all these truths, the death to the nation because of apathy and laziness.

I love my country with all of my being, but I hate what I have seen my country becoming because for too long, “We the People” have forgotten our path and discarded our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

May you enjoy your Fourth of July weekend knowing that it is not just a time to get drunk and play with fireworks. I hope that you will pray and cry for America as I do. This is a solemn occasion at this time for me. I do not think that it is something that any true patriot can enjoy right at this time. 

When I see the fireworks, I see all of the death and destruction that had to happen so that I could be free. What do you see?

May God grant America another day if she will turn her face towards him and not away from Him. I say this proudly with no excuses or apologies because I am an American and I am free to believe in any God or thing that I choose to. Not because it is politically correct or may offend someone. I say this because the Declaration of Independence, OUR Constitution, and Bill of rights declare that I can.

By the way, the fourth of July is most important for our RIGHT to declare independence from Tyranny in Government, any government, including our own government, if it is unjust in the proper application of the laws according to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is not something I take lightly in proclaiming. Because just for proclaiming this I may be in jeopardy of losing my freedoms because someone somewhere in a position of authority, may think that this is seditious behavior in their oblique opinion of the law. But it is all worth dying for if I am to do what is necessary to protect and defend our country from all enemies foreign and domestic. I am not afraid to defend all the men and women of this country, and to defend and honor the names of all that have fallen for the freedoms I have enjoyed in my life. For all the good things, and the ability to stand up against all the bad in this country and the world because I live in America.  This is the land that used to be hailed by the entire world as the land of the free, and the home of the brave, not the land of the timid and cowardly, lazy and corrupt.

What about You? Are you a patriot or not? Are you afraid to do what is your obligation to do to preserve this nation, or are you willing to ignore the atrocities that are plaguing our future and the futures of our children?

And just so you can’t say I am naïve, and don’t know the real history of America, and how many evil men here in America have done terrible things in the so-called name of freedom and justice. I am very aware of that too. But the overall picture and values that America had and I believe still has, was in the heart of the Americans and their values. Not in the propaganda spewed out by elitists that want to control and dominate Americans, and for that matter, the world. 

We can and will defeat evil, as we have done in the past if we do what is right and stand up against what is wrong in America. But it takes all of us working together to take back our country instead of allowing division and differences to separate us. Remember that our country was named “The United States of America” for a reason. Because our founders believed that if we stood together for the right things, nothing could or would ever defeat us.

Did you think that this open letter to all you was too long? Then you have been brainwashed like so many Americans that do not have an attention span anymore. It could be by the drugs that they have prescribed you, or the fact that television has dulled your powers to be able to concentrate because it has the ability to cause you to be hypnotized and addicted to it.  

Are you mad now? I really hope that you are. I hope that you are willing to do something about it by becoming active and participating in our government and their decision making. If you aren’t then you have no reason to be calling yourself an American. 

Are you thinking that it is so bad in America that you are going to flee to another country to escape this tyranny? If you are, then don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you pass through it. In fact, I will gladly hold it open to make sure that you can exit because as an American, I need to allow you to exercise your right to leave while I still have the right to do it.

As for me- in the famous words of Patrick Henry, Give me liberty or give me death! 

If something is as great as freedom is worth having, it is worth fighting for. If it is worth fighting for, then it is worth dying for. That’s just my opinion.

Long live the Republic of The United States of America