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Bug Out Vehicles


Definition of abug out vehicle:    

A bug out vehicle is a vehicle that will make it possiblefor you to escape a natural or man-made disaster without finding yourself stuckwith a useless pile of metal that doesn’t have the ability to go through ashallow stream or for that matter, a crumbled road surface. It should be able totraverse obstacles and be able to go off-road if needed. Preferably it wouldhave 4x4 or more capability. It should be sturdy and reliable in most kind of weather and terrain conditions. It should be simple in design and function, withnot a lot of useless gadgets that you don’t need. A short wheelbase and goodground clearance are also highly desirable too. The ability to tow or be towed orwinched out is very important also.  

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A Fourth Of July Message

The Fourth of July

An open letter to all Americans

Since it is the fourth of July weekend I thought I would share some of my personal thoughts with you and all my Patriot friends to show what I see is happening here in America and in the world right now.

I hope that this will fire your spirit of liberation and help the cause to strengthen our resolve to continue the good fight to peacefully if at all possible, win hearts and minds to protect our freedoms as written into the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights and to protect them with all of your might, strength, wealth, time, and treasures. Being willing to do what is required to do to preserve these rights, they are not privileges, for all Americans. Even those you may not agree with. 

I am not the first to say that it’s is our duty for our generation to preserve, protect, and defend it, for if we don’t, we are no better then the enemies of it. After all, our Constitution is more than just a piece of paper to me and others that realize the sacrifices that have been made to protect it all these years since the founding of this nation. 

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The Lost Art of Carpentry


In today’s fast paced and ever growing knowledge basedsociety, you might ask yourself the question,  why should I learn carpentry?

The reason is because if weever have a natural or man made disaster, most people will be in big trouble ifthey don’t have the basic tools to build even the most simple ofstructures. In the not too distant past, almost every family had a carpenter inthe family or they had basic carpentry skills themselves. This is no longertrue. 

Although most people have a small assortment of basic handtools such as a measuring tape, hammer, a hand saw, pliers, and screw drivers, that is not enough to really do much at all.

Obviously, the more tools you have, the more you canaccomplish with less effort than if you have only the bare minimum of tools.

There are many books on how to build things. I suggestthat you get some idea of how to plan and design something to meetyour needs in case of such a disaster. Takea look around your home and you can start to see things that you might be ableto use to create a temporary shelter.

I’m not talking about building an elaborate home, I’mtalking about a simple structure that will hopefully keep you and your family outof the weather and relatively safe.

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Daypack, Backpack, or Fanny Pack Gear ?


Depending on where I go and what I plan on taking with me on the hunt or camp out, I will be the one that has to live with what I did or did not bring along. I have always figured that I would rather have too much than to not have something when I needed it.

Also, remember that it all weighs you down too. So if you are not in good shape it is going to get really heavy fast. Some people prefer to have a full pack frame, soft packs, or even a small fanny pack. Most importantly, make sure that your pack fits well in all climatic conditions. Also, the type of pack all depends on whether you are on a day trip, overnight, or a week or more. Obviously, it all depends on your personal tastes and what it can or what you need to carry that makes it as important as the overall weight too. Plus, If you can’t wear your pack for any period of time, it can be harder than anything on you. You can add more items to this list but that is your decision. Choosing what you have in your pack depends on what your intentions are. You will have to use your best judgment regarding what you put in your pack.

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Are You Really Prepared?


Recent events in the world have shown us all how people react to situations that may disrupt or even cause them to change their way of thinking. The current situation in Japan is a prime example of fear dominating the lives of persons throughout the world.

Here is my personal philosophy regarding fear behavior. Fear leads to panic, panic leads to possible tragedy.

Most people are afraid for the simple reason that they don’t know what to do in a situation. Fear is one of our strongest emotions because we have an instinctive will to survive that overrides almost every other thought when we are in crisis situations. We tend to forget that it is fear that makes us do things that are either incredibly helpful or stupid in regards to survival. I have read and talked to many people about preparedness and I was overwhelmed by the amount of fear that people have about the unknown or uncertain times ahead.

This article is meant to help others to leave fear behind (for the most part) and instill confidence in your abilities to be able to survive and possibly, even thrive in times of doubt and uncertainty.

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