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Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 5

Rumble.com | Robert Gruler |  Robert reviews day 5 of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial including Epstein's former housekeeper, crime scene investigator Gregory Patrick and a detective who found Epstein's "Twin Torpedos".

  • Written by: John Galt
  • Category: Politics
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Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 4

Rumble.com | Robert Gruler | Robert reviews day 4 of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial including Paul Kane, the Director of Finance, Dr. Lisa Rocchio explaining "grooming" and Epstein's former housekeeper.

  • Written by: Dagny Taggart
  • Category: Politics
  • Hits: 275

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 3

Rumble.com | Robert Gruler | Robert reviews Day 3 of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, including testimony and cross-examination of government witness "Jane".

  • Written by: Henry Rearden
  • Category: Politics
  • Hits: 287

Rumble & CFVI To Go Public

story.rumble.com | Rumble, the neutral video platform, and CF Acquisition Corp. VI (CFVI),  a special purpose acquisition company sponsored by Cantor Fitzgerald, announced that they have entered into a business combination agreement.  The combined company will be called Rumble Inc. and expects to be publicly listed on Nasdaq.


  • Written by: Francisco d'Anconia
  • Category: Politics
  • Hits: 277