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Government Website For Immigrants: Come To America And Take Advantage Of Our Free Stuff

endoftheamericandream.com | A website run by the federal government (“WelcomeToUSA.gov“) encourages new immigrants to the United States to apply for welfare benefits.  This website is run by the Department of Homeland Security and it says that it “is the U.S. Government’s official web portal for new immigrants.”

So your tax dollars were used to build and maintain a website that teaches immigrants how to come into this country and sponge a living off of federal welfare programs paid for by your tax dollars. 

  • Written by: John Galt
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Interceptions of Immigrants Stubbornly Low

The Washington Times | Despite massive increases in manpower, the U.S. Border Patrol is still intercepting only about 61 percent of would-be illegal immigrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to an audit that the investigative arm of Congress released Wednesday.

The findings, which for the first time show a broad estimate of how many illegal immigrants the Border Patrol fails to catch each year, emerge as pressure builds on Congress to move past border security and begin to grant legal status to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.

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Obama Administration Sued Over Immigration Executive Order

wnd.com | Judicial Watch, the Washington-based organization that monitors government misbehavior and challenges it in court when needed, has filed a lawsuit demanding from the Obama administration the details of the new amnesty program that was installed by executive order.

Congress several times has rejected amnesty for illegal aliens, but Obama’s plan allows immigrants who can prove they arrived in the U.S. before they reached 16, and now are 30 or younger, to obtain special permission to work in the U.S.

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Arizona Governor Orders State Agencies to Enforce Ban on Illegal Immigrants Receiving Benefits

foxnews.com | Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Wednesday ordered state agencies to deny driver's licenses and other public benefits to young illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations under a new Obama administration policy.

In an executive order, Brewer said she was reaffirming the intent of current Arizona law denying taxpayer-funded public benefits and state identification to illegal immigrants.

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50,000 Immigrants Line-Up for Obama's Deportation Forgiveness

nbcchicago.com | The turnout for Wednesday's Dream Relief workshop in Chicago was so strong that organizers began turning people away.

The line of undocumented students wrapped around Navy Pier and at one point across the Chicago River to apply for deferred action to allow them, at least in the short-term, not to worry about deportation. As many as 50,000 lined up for the program, according to estimates.

  • Written by: John Galt
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