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Paster John Piper's "The Greatest Letter Ever Written".  Pastor Piper has generously allowed sharing (without charge) of his multi-year effort to cover the book of Romans, verse-by-verse.

Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-01-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-02-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-03-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-04-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-05-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-06-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-07-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-08-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-09-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-10-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-11-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-12-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-13-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-14-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-15-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-16-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-17-of-18
Romans_ The Greatest_Letter_Ever_Written-18-of-18
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