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Dems New Strategy to go after Gun Manufacturers

  • Published in 2nd Amendment

fromthetrenchesworldreport.com | (Video) Editors Note: The governments fight for gun control has taken another familiar turn to us that know the tactics that they use. They will not only go after certain types of guns, but they are now targeting lead ammunition and the banks that give lines of credit to manufacturers. It is our responsibility to support all gun and ammo manufacturers in this fight. How can you do it?

1) Buy their merchandise! And also follow-up with letters to the manufacturers to let them know that by your supporting them through your purchases, you expect them to return the favor by fighting for not only their right to have a business, but all of our rights to keep and bear arms.

2) Encourage these companies by letting them know that we will support them by refusing to patronize any banking institution that refuses them lines of credit to conduct business. Banks rely on deposits and loans from people like you to do business.

3) You need to write any bank that refuses lines of credit to these companies. Let them know that you will boycott them. Tell all your friends that they should not have any vested interest in any company that tries to subvert our Constitution by using these type of business tactics.

4) Encourage the firearms manufacturers to start selling their equipment using creative financing options so as to ease any possible cash flow problems for the manufacturer. Encourage them to start their own banking companies to extend credit and finance their products. Home builders have been doing this for many years with great success as well as the auto companies.

5) Without our support, these companies cannot win a protracted fight with the government. Remember, they are in the business to make money. If the business no longer has a viable way to do it, they will just close up. Its that simple.

6) Write your legislators at all levels of government. Let them know that you are watching them and what will happen if they do not support the gun lobby. They will be losing their jobs.

We need to send a strong message to all parties involved that we are either for or against any government or corporation tactics that will hinder our Rights and freedoms. 

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