Bin Laden Supported U.S. Backed Arab Spring

Finally, the Dream Team is official.  U.S. and al-Qaeda on the same team.  Some of us knew it all along. | Osama bin Laden was a surprising proponent of the Arab spring, according to documents found after his capture and released on Thursday.

In his last private letter written just a week before his death, he said the revolutions represented a “formidable event” and a turning point in the Arab world. Before the release of the 17 letters by the US government, the revolutions were viewed as a concern for bin Laden as they could cause instability and potential western involvement in the region.” 

At the time of the letter, the presidents of Tunisia and Egypt had fallen to rebel uprisings.

“The fall of the remaining tyrants in the region was inevitable,” he continued, and said al-Qaeda must increase efforts by “educating and warning Muslim people” about “half solutions” touted by the Muslim Brotherhood and similar Islamist groups. If al-Qaeda were successful in recruiting the newly freed rebels, bin Laden said, “then the next phase will [witness a victory] for Islam”.

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