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Infowars.com | Americans, the British, and Western Europeans are accustomed to thinking of themselves as the representatives of freedom, democracy, and morality in the world.

The West passes judgment on the rest of the world as if the West is God and the rest of the world are barbarians in need of chastisement, invasion, and occupation. As readers know, from time to time I raise questions about the validity of the West’s extreme hubris. (See for example, the following articles: Washington’s Insouciance Has No Rival and Is Western Democracy Real or a Facade? )

China is often a country about which Washington’s moralists get on their high horse. However, China’s “authoritarian” government is actually more responsive to its people than America’s “elected democratic” government. Moreover, however incomplete on paper the civil liberties of China’s people, the Chinese government has not declared that it can violate with impunity whatever rights Chinese citizens have. And it is not China that is running torture prisons all over the globe.


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With that said, I would still caution following China as an example. Remember that when China communists took over, approximately 100,000,000 Chinese were executed or imprisoned.

The example that China has for America is that their leaders now realize that without the consent of the majority of the people, they cannot rule them.

Sounds a little like what America used to stand for. I only hope that Americans realize that the REAL power lies with the consent of those governed, not those governing.

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