Albuquerque, New Mexico Removes Water Fluoridation | Recently there has been a new victory in the ongoing, undermanned, and heavily justified war on water fluoridation in the southwest United States. The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico has made the auspicious decision to effectively end all artificial water fluoridation within the city’s water supply.

It was reported first by local news authority, KOB news channel 4, earlier this month that the city, in order to save money and consequently save the over half million local population from the many detrimental effects of fluoride in the water supply, had removed the addition entirely.

Though many residents are concerned about the potential for increased amount of tooth decay (which fluoride has been shown to be ineffective against), this is a major victory for the nation of people convinced that the hazardous bi-product of fertilizer is an unhealthful, worthless toxin. Many of the citizens, however, do not realize that the fluoride in the water supply isn’t even what actually benefits the genesis of our bone structure.

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