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John Whitehead on the Government of Wolves

Hagmann & Hagmann: A special interview with author ("Battlefield America", "Government of Wolves") and founder/director of The Rutherford Institute John Whitehead.

#Pizzagate Reality Check With Ben Swan

Reality Check: Is #Pizzagate "Fake News" or Has It Just Not Been Officially Investigated?

Trump Operative Roger Stone Survives Assassination Attempt

Infowars.com | Former Trump adviser Roger Stone says he was recently targeted for assassination, he revealed on the Alex Jones Show.

Former CIA Officer: "Brennan Needs to Keep His Mouth Sh…

FoxNews.com | Former CIA Officer Gary Berntsen sounds off on CIA Director John Brennan.

Part I: Investigation Exposes Groups Plotting Terrorist Acti…

ProjectVeritas.com | Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity at Trump inauguration

Part II: Investigation Uncovers Plot to Chain the Trains …

ProjectVeritas.com | Part II: NEW Investigation Uncovers Plot to Chain the Trains & Shut Down DC During Inauguration.

Intelligence Agencies Go Rogue To Blackmail Trump

Dick Morris discusses the recent attempts by U.S. Intelligence agencies to blackmail president-elect Trump.

WIKILEAKS FULL Press Conference JAN 9th, 2017 Julian Assange…

YouTube.com | The entire recording of Julian Assange's press conference this morning on Russian Hacking and CIA.

Is CIA Director John Brennan a Muslim?

jihadwatch.org | Claim that CIA Director John Brennan is a Muslim who converted to Islam while in Saudi Arabia as a result of a Saudi intelligence influence operation according to former FBI agent John Guandolo. Read Entire Article

BLM Activists Torture Disabled White Teen

#BLMKidnapping | Black Lives Matter (BLM) inspired kidnapping & torture of disabled white teen.

Stefan Molyneux's Five Hour Christmas Special

Stefan Molyneux's five hour Christmas Special.  Merry Christmas everybody! The first annual Stefan Molyneux Christmas Spectacular features discussions with Paul Joseph Watson, Vox Day, Duke Pesta, Scott Adams, Charles C. Johnson, Lauren Southern, Bill Whittle, Ben Garrison, Dave Rubin, Alex Jones, Bill Mitchell, Mike Cernovich, Gavin McInnes and a special musical surprise from Stefan Molyneux. 

Dumbest Most Racist Video Ever

YouTube.com | Paul Joseph Watson: MTV continues its "anti-racism" crusade by collectively demonizing an entire group of people based on their skin color.

Whining Hillary Fans Song

YouTube.com | Great Whining Hillary Fans Song by Dana Kamide.

The Truth About Berlin Christmas Market Attack

Infowars.com | Paul Joseph Watson discusses the Berlin Christmas Market Attack.

CNN Jake Tapper's Bizarre #Pizzagate Outburst

YouTube.com | Published on Dec 6, 2016 Why is CNN's Jake Tapper offended that General Flynn's son is interested in PizzaGate? So what? Millions of Americans are very interested in the disclosures and revelations surrounding PizzaGate, Jake. Why aren't you covering it as a journalist? Why are you instead attacking it? Is there something we don't know?

#Pizzagate Update With Jan Irvin & Joe Atwill

Aired November 29-30 2016. Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin continue to discuss Pizzagate, covering new evidence and connections, as well as the Lame Stream Media's (a.k.a. Fake News) cover-up of the scandal.

Hillary Clinton's Illness Revealed?

Hillary Clinton's Illness Revealed?

Hillary Clinton Collapses at 911 Ceremony (video)

Video of Hillary Clinton Collapsing at 911 ceremony.

FREE FALLIN' Starring Building 7

AE911Truth.org | Published on Feb 23, 2016.   The FREE FALLIN’ Campaign: Between now and September 11, 2016, send your version of “FREE FALLIN’ starring BUILDING 7” to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we’ll post or share it here. Use our lyrics or write your own. Let’s post as many videos as we can!